Thursday, February 17, 2011

Something About New Sports Cars

Sports cars are nothing but automobiles which have the ability to reach top speeds with in very short span of time. Normally these cars are designed in such a way that they are light weight with a low center of gravity and have very powerful engines to help them reach those high speeds. Normally these sports cars have rear-wheel drive which help drivers in precise handling and give them more control. Normally sport car use the layout of having a engine at the front with rear wheel drive but new sport cars started to use RMR layout which helps in better weight management. The disadvantages of sport cars are that almost all the sports cars extremely expensive and moreover they have very poor rate of fuel consumption which acts as a burden on the consumer in the long run. Most sports cars have only 2 seats Which do not get the attention of a family consisting of more than two people.

new sports cars image

sport cars at its best

sports cars pictures are very cool

sports cars wallpaper

one of the sport car

many people love to have sports cars posters like this

affordable and cheap sports cars are rare

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