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mighty max car modification

mighty max car 300x216 mighty max car modification
mighty max car

If you examine the new Mitsubishi Raider, your eyes can see the logo clearly triad in the middle of her beefy looking grille. However, because you let your eyes run the full length of truck bodies and see the styling cues, you�ll see something different, yet very familiar. Indeed, apart from some changes in the fascia, body and cabin, the Raider is without a doubt the Dodge Dakota. Yes, the tables turned and Mitsubishi pick-up truck is a Dodge, not vice versa. Then the obvious similarities, there are some differences between the models that provide unique Raider.

Back in the 1970s and 1980s when Chrysler small cars and trucks are needed to fill a limited lineup, the company tap into a business relationship with Mitsubishi to deliver what is needed. Included in the mix is a small pickup truck, last D50. When Chrysler developed a media Dakota during the late 1980s, the need for a small Mitsubishi truck decreased and early 1990s, the D50 is no more.

mighty max car modification 300x206 mighty max car modification
mighty max car modification

Mitsubishi, in turn, has long been a builder of small trucks, but cars began selling vehicles in the North American market, which has grown far lineup. Have a small Mitsubishi pickup truck down so that the �Mighty Max� pulled from his lineup. Finally, the car decides to work with DaimlerChrysler to sell rebadged Dakota as the Raiders.

Relations smart as the Mitsubishi Raider to fill the void for a while DaimlerChrysler to maintain a high capacity trucks. As strange relationship seems, she Isuzu and General Motors did the same thing as the second Isuzu vehicles sold in the United States rebadged GMC trucks.

So, what distinguishes Raider of the pact, especially the Dodge cousin? Price for one. Starting at around $ 19,000, the truck as low as several smaller trucks on the market including the popular Toyota Tacoma price. Mitsubishi seems to want the introduction of anticipated demand. Yes, you can barebones version of the Tacoma stored for less, but that�s what you, bare bones. There are no four-cylinder Raider sold, you get a good 210-horsepower V6 or a beefy 230 hp V8 power your Raider. V8 is especially interesting for those who withdrew while torque is a respectable 6500 pounds. tranny options including 4 or 5 speed automatic or 6-speed tranny Manny.

mighty max 300x144 mighty max car modification
mighty max

The Raider is available either as a 4�2 or 4�4 configurations with two or four door cab. Capacity can be as high as six passengers although you will not like riding comfortably in the Raider / Dakota with six people like you would in a full-size Ram.

What many fans would like Mitsubishi Raider give extra attention to the interior. Unlike the Dakota, the Raider comes with trim features more like a sedan than a pickup truck. Sirius satellite radio, Alpine speakers, heated front bucket seats with leather surfaces and all power is a few features that Raider is more than a truck.

Ten years after the �last Mighty Max pickup truck sold by Mitsubishi, has a new truck into the fold with a significant relationship with DaimlerChrysler. Perhaps the success of this relationship will spawn the additional model. Can we see the Dodge Ram quickly sold rebadged as a Mitsubishi? On this day intensive model sharing, everything is possible.

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