Friday, February 11, 2011

Porsche 917 Concept design

Porsche 917
The results of the Stile Italiano Giovani 2008 design competition have been revealed. ANFIA (Association of the Automotive Industry) Italian Car Coachbuilders Group decided that the Porsche 917 Concept designed by Adriano Stellino is the winner of the contest, Lamborghini Lidia Concept by Luis G.Camino Calleja is the runner-up, while Shashwath Bloar�s Trioba 2+1 Concept came third.
Porsche 917
The winner, the 917 Concept was designed to continue Porsche�s tradition, because, as we see, it inherited Le Mans 24 Hours winner�s car name. Its looks are great even though the conventional spoiler have been replaced by two wings, making the car more aggressive.
Porsche 917
Everything was designed to reduce the weight of the car: even the dashboard, the steering wheel and the pedals were made of carbon fiber, not to speak about the bodywork. The rims are made of a mixture of carbon and magnesium. A camera positioned under the roof, has replaced the conventional rear mirrors.

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