Saturday, January 22, 2011

Upcoming Cars BMW 3-Series 320d Sedan with pictures and previews

Upcoming Cars BMW 3-Series 320d Sedan with pictures and previews
BMW 320d Sedan.
128 g/km CO2.
Lightweight construction, energy management, engine technologies. Everyone of these BMW automobiles offers proof that efficiency and dynamics compliment one another perfectly. In the BMW 1 Series Coup� to the BMW 5 Series Touring.

Technical data:
130 kW (177 hp)
4.8 l/100 km (combined)
From 0 to 100 km/h in 7.9 s

BMW EfficientDynamics technologies:
� Four-cylinder diesel engine
� Brake Energy Regeneration
� Auto Start Stop function
� Electric Power Steering
� Gear shift indicator
� Air vent control

One sure shot way of attaining sainthood: Driving a BMW 3 Series 320d Sedan at 65 mph all day. Yes, this is precisely what two men, who happen to hustle cars around for a living did, battling all instincts of floorin� it. And what did they get in return? Nope, the Pope wasn�t around to canonize them.

the BMW 3 Series 320d Sedan in which they did their boring slab run managed to go 1621 Kms on a single tankful of sticky fuel. Yes, that is one six two one kilometers on 60 liters of diesel which simply translates into 25 KMPL. Now that is fuel efficiency that is going to make the Maruti 800 look like a gas guzzler.

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